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We promote the vigorous
dialogue between industry and
professionals from the arena
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We Profess Knowledge
and Disseminate the
Research Information
Scientific Community

Values the Interest to Initiate
the Events and Evaluation
of New Ideas and Research.

Knowledge is Power

Our goal is to distribute and
share the current knowledge
for the scientific community.


Initiate and Management

Initiate Events by Providing
Opportunity on Issues
Relevant to the Current Industry


Initiate and Management

Helps to Create and
Engage the Researchers
to Promote Active Dialogue


Welcome to Advanced Multiple

Advanced Multiple Incorporation is a dynamic and versatile organization having multiple programs and activities. We help to obtain the digital identifiers and copyright confirmation. That potential confirm the ownership of the scientific entities, intellectual properties and innovative materials. Being a sponsored member of CrossRef - Lynnfield, MA 01940, USA we facilitate the authors, publishers and businesses to generate and activate the the Digital Objective Indentifier (doi’s).
Moreover, we initiate the scientific, academic professional programs and events including conferences, symposium, seminars, workshops to facilitate the evaluation of new ideas and new research in an innovative, resourceful and creative setting. That potentially helps to promote the vigorous dialogue between industry and professionals from the arena. Our vision is to profess knowledge and disseminate the research information for the scientific community by providing an advanced platform. We receive the skilled opinions from the researchers, key leaders and influential personals able to guide through their multitude talk. Thus, we are at the frontline of distribution of knowledge through enlightening, informative and high quality events. That is specialized in providing comprehensive information and updates through conferences, journals and exhibitions. We cover all major areas including health, medicine, humanities, business, engineering, physics, geology and social sciences.

COVID-19 Reliable Information Amid Uncertainty and Complexities

cor newBy Taha Nazir B.Pharm., M.Phil Pharmacology, PhD Microbiology, Scientific Executive, Advanced Multiple Inc., ON Canada.
Recent outbreak of Noval Corona Viral – 2019 (nCoV-19) has posed potential threat all over the world. The infection control practitioners, epidemiologists and health care professionals are constantly working to control the Coronavius Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 has successfully been control in some countries including China, Korea. However, in prevailing situation the rapidly transmission along with outstanding record of new patients of COVID-19 has given numerous surprises to the health authorities, regulatory bodies and health profession.
Thus, in such challenging situation the clinicians, medical practitioners and health case staff may need more recent, authentic and relevant scientific data and epidemiological information. So, our goal is to offer more reliable resources to help the public health authorities and clinicians to handle the COVID-19 in more professional and scientific manner.

COVID-19: Reliable Soruce of Information

Services & Features

Connecting Scientific Community

Consortium Publisher values the interest to initiate the events and evaluation of new ideas and research. That potentially helps to create and engage the researchers to promote active dialogue. That improves the positive collaboration between scientists and corporate business.

Authentication of the knowledge source

By default, Advanced Multiple authenticates users against its internal database. It is possible, however, to use other methods of authentication. Additional authentication sources are implemented as plugins; refer to the documentation shipped with each plugin for details. We help to create authentication credentials and to connect external knowledge source to the knowledge management application. Hence, we follow the defined import parameters for external source to import integrated content.

Abstract & proceeding

The accepted abstract and proceeding will be freely available online. The proceeding, abstract and presentation are accepted in accredited, peer reviewed journals. We provide platform to researchers, scholars and professionals.

Professing the Knowledge

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. During this progression, four types of knowledge are developed: declarative, procedural, contextual, and somatic. So, our goal is to distribute and share the current knowledge for the scientific community. That enabled the key opinion leaders to take more rational decisions. The decision/ policy makers obtain guidance by direct talk and through authenticated source.

CrossRef doi

Assigning the CrossRef doi, archiving in metadata and Outlining the procedures and policies to comply with the safety and standards. Designing protocols to develop relevant and suitable schemes. Deploying the experts ad use the effective tools to obtained positive outcomes.

Organizing the events

We organize the scientific events by design the whole program including theme, agenda and sessions. Deploy the panel, speakers and resources. Collecting, reviewing, editing and publication of Conference Proceeding.

Initiating the congresses

Consortium Publisher values the interest to initiate the events and evaluation of new ideas and research. That potentially helps to create and engage the researchers to promote active dialogue. That improves the positive collaboration between scientists and corporate business.

Authors Retain Copyright

A poem, painting, musical score, performer's performance, computer program - all are valuable creations, although perhaps no one can measure their worth. Some works may earn a lot of money in the marketplace, while others earn none at all. Government of Canada described the simplest terms, "copyright" means "the right to copy." In general, copyright means the sole right to produce or reproduce a work or a substantial part of it in any form. It includes the right to perform the work or any substantial part of it or, in the case of a lecture, to deliver it. If the work is unpublished, copyright includes the right to publish the work or any substantial part of it. Thus, the use of a Creative Commons License enables authors to retain copyright to their work.

Self Archiving

Authors can deposit the final published article in any other institutional, disciplinary or governmental repository.

Corporate Affiliations

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Role of a Sponsor

Facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of sponsored members/organizations
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Advanced Multiple Incorporation is an sponsored organization of CrossRef and able to facilitate the authors, publishers and businesses to obtain the offered services. Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. That is a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better. CrossRef offer the services of Content Registration, Reference Linking, Cited-by, Crossmark, Metadata Delivery, Similarity Check, Funder Registry and Event Data.

Consortium Publisher – ICDTD Inc. ON Canada is our client organization to obtain the Crossref’s doi’s. This publication organization covers a wide range of academic disciplines and is a wonderful enterprise for scholars, researchers and professionals from all over the world interested in advancement of science and technology. The research articles are processed through the Open Journal Systems (OJS) of Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Consortium Publisher ensures the publication of quality work through a process of thorough peer review. They also seek opportunity to bridge and integrate the substantive diversity of scholar. That may potentially encourage a vigorous dialogue between scholars, researchers and business entrepreneurs all over the world to maximize the impact of their thoughtful ideas.

Journal logo 1

Scientia Scholarly Journal (eISSN 2667-9604) is Crossref’s “Sponsored Member” and we generate and activate the doi’s on behalf of our authorization granted by Crossref, USA. The journal is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia, National Committee in Georgia, Georgian Museums Association, Culturological Research Association Tbilisi Georgia. National Centre of Manuscripts ≥170.000 items in Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Sirian, Ethiopian, Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Slavic languages. Sciencia Scholarly Journal is regulated by Humanities Research Cetner and the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian, Tbilisi Georgia. Georgians papers then translated into English and other languages that help to expand the opportunity for local scientific community. Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is an ancient center of Caucasus and established about 1600 years before. Tbilisi is also a hub of Georgian identity and attracts all south west Europe nations. City has often been threatened by enemies, but always defended by indigenous heroes - conquered and victorious. Persians, Ottoman Turks, Byzantine Greeks, Russians were coming as enemies but were staying as friends. By its virtue, Tbilisi was attracting people of all walks of life, different languages and religion; it was allowing in contrasting cultures; and by doing so, city was enriching its self and ornamenting Georgia with its diversity.

Prim pharm energy

We work with Prime Event Management at different level to organize the conferences, publish the scientific contents and manage the research information. Prime Event Management is an established and popular company in Pakistan, with an excellent track record of 15 years. They have exceptionally trained and experienced staff to deliver high quality services in best possible manner. Prime Event Management offer the business, research and academic activities including Industrial Fairs, Trade Exhibition, Business Seminars, Conference, Festivals and Concerts.

Our Services, We Can Help You!

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Generation and activation of Crossref's doi's We are sponsored organization of Crossref Lynnfield, MA 01940, USA and able to generate, activate and create the doi’s for publishers, journals and authors all over the world. The primary role of Registration Agencies (RAs) is to allocate DOI prefixes and provide the necessary infrastructure to maintain metadata .
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Content Registration, Reference Linking and Metadata Delivery On behalf the CrossRef, we offer the services of Content Registration, Reference Linking, Cited-by, Crossmark, Metadata Delivery, Similarity Check, Funder Registry and Event Data. Crossref is an official DOI Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. New Registration and suggestions for additional coverage will be welcomed.
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Scientific, academic and professional events We initiate the scientific, academic and professional events . This is an excellent platform to connect, discuss and improve the knowledge to creating new industrial based ideas into actual practice. We have the team with accumulative years of experience, that can use their knowledge to create a successful event.
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OJS Services for Journals Publishers We help in installation and Configuration of Open Journal System (OJS). Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative developing open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.